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How can vi combine billions of units in the Internet of Things, so that the sum of the units makes sense in our everyday life?

At access-IoT, we believe that the data integration is ”the technology” behind the IOT revolution. The amount of data that will be created via billions of units connected to the Internet requires data integration. So IoT will basically be a single large network of data collected from all of the connected units. These newly created data will of course be integrated in the systems that the respective companies and organisations are planning to use. A large manufacturer of equipment within the healthcare sector explains: “The healthcare technology is shifting from million-dollar MRI machines to hundred-dollar units, which we carry ourselves and that monitor the vital parts of the client. Traditional diagnostic testing will still have its place centrally, while the data that form the basis of the evaluation are generated by the clients’ own machines.

With the ”portable healthcare technology” growing in popularity over the next 5 years, waiting lists will be minimized, home care service will alter its function, and the hospital sector will have other budgets to work with. An amount of data will be created in consequence of the IoT development that you have never seen before. All of this will increase the need for real-time data integration services, technologies that can save time, money and lives.


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