access-IoT: a horizontal solution

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Our IoT platform as the basis of your new business models

The Internet of Things is based on integration of billions of different small as well as large units – right from tiny little r-fid sensors to infrared, or merely video cameras, to cars, boats, to production machines in the industry, agricultural processing, etc. The objective is to integrate or connect things that can be used for collecting data for data mining tasks, in order to make product optimization as exact as possible.

During the integration process, you must keep track of a large variety of connected units with different protocols, which requires specific expertise. Connection of a sensor or more sensors from the same supplier with the same protocol is easy, but to connect units that operate with or under more protocols and that use various transport routes is a difficult and to many platform providers an impossible task. Our IoT Platform provides this option that is required for heterogeneous units in order to communicate with each other in a horizontal solution.

We have placed these cornerstones before starting to develop our enterprise platform, and we still use this philosophy when we design new services and business models together with our clients.

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