Water-, Electricity- and Heat Consumption Meter

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  • Metering and monitoring of water consumption
  • Metering, control and optimization of power consumption
  • Metering, control and optimization of heat consumption


Our solutions

Collection and presentation of consumption data, combined with IBM Watson’s recommendations.

When you regularly, day by day, week by week, month by month can follow up on the consumption of:

  • water
  • electricity
  • heating

these current data can be used for optimizing the consumption in a given residence in accordance with family pattern and life pattern.

At the same time, our solutions will demonstrate if there are inexpediencies that are caused by leakages, seeping damages, or a breach in the transport lines.

Presentation of consumption data can take place in various ways:

Presented directly in App. Consumption data for connected installations can be read directly via App, tablet or computer.

Data are collected and presented in a standard format.

Changes and requests in this format are agreed upon when entering into a contract. Consumption statements can be used for comparison with other consumption statements from similar properties.

The solutions are user-friendly, easy and efficient for housing administrators to work with, since our systems are cognitively and intuitively developed, where we collect meter data and prepare consumptions patterns for each tenancy according to a defined need.

The residents can monitor their own account week by week or month by month and thus adjust their consumption to a more suitable level, in case there are deviations from the agreed normal consumption pattern.

Access-IoT´s online program for viewing consumption and meter data provides an easy and quick overview of water, electricity and heating consumption, all down to the individual unit.

If e.g. Eurotronic or Danfoss living thermostats are installed, it is possible to insert minimum/maximum values via the App.


Do you wish to streamline the operation of the property?

If you, as owner, administrator or counsellor, wish to streamline the operation of the property, you can benefit from combine the solutions offered by Access-IoT.

It will be possible that the same App can provide information and control within the below IoT solutions:

  • Video monitoring
  • Door locks
  • Detection of movements
  • Registration of moist, fungus spores, temperature, smoke, gas
  • Handling of heat pumps, window blinds, sunshades or
  • Registration of persons, cars, bicycles and other valuables.

Worth considering, when you need to make decisions on efficiency improvements. Experience shows that individual metering and insight into water, electricity and heating consumption will reduce the consumption by 25-40 % at property level, and that some savings will give a short ROI.

Sensors, meters, IoT units

We cooperate with a number of suppliers and manufacturers of sensor products, respectively, as well as content.

All products approved on Z-Wave alliance, OMS Zigbee alliance will be products that can run on Access-IoT´s platform.

Purchase your own sensors and connect them easily and profitably on our system.

As an example, you see Bmeter’s water metering solution here, with a wM-Bus dongle incl. Gateway access, which can be purchased for approx. DKK 250.-* per apartment including everything; however exclusive of VAT and common installation costs.

The annual costs are:

From DKK 60.-* + VAT