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Based on an IBM Watson IoT platform, Access-IoT delivers a genuine 100 % ”end-to-end” PaaS IoT solution, adapted to the various market segments within...læs mere

access-IoT: our intentions


The Internet of Things is developing rapidly and the market is growing every day, to astronomical 100 billion units in merely 5 years. Sensors...læs mere

access-IoT: a horizontal solution


Our IoT platform as the basis of your new business models The Internet of Things is based on integration of billions of different small...læs mere

access-IoT: the digital ride


Do you wish to join the ride? How can vi combine billions of units in the Internet of Things, so that the sum of...læs mere

access-IoT: Partnering


We believe that Partnering with a large global IoT player together with smaller companies with each its speciality is the way to an even...læs mere