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We believe that Partnering with a large global IoT player together with smaller companies with each its speciality is the way to an even better enterprise IoT platform, because we together are working more focused on our goals.

Who are we working with, for and focusing on?

Our target group is insurance companies, municipalities and regions, water supply companies, contractors and housing administrators.

Together, we work quite faster than others, and this is the reason why we have already implemented horizontal solutions.

Whether it concerns heart rate monitors, pedometers, blood pressure monitors, motion sensors, lighting control, sirens or water shutoff valve, ultrasound water gauge, smoke detector, CO2– monitor, diesel tank gauge, or meters for grain silos, temperature gauge, door lock or a combination of these options – our unique IBM Watson IoT platform can handle them. Sensors that use Zigbee, Z-wave or WIFI, Bluetooth, MBus or Sigfox or even a combination of these, are handled as well.

We can also do this, if it has to go via the Internet, 3G-4G, satellite, Lora, Sigfox or NB IoT.

We do not merely have vertical solutions – we have specialised in horizontal solutions. We are not producing sensors, and thus choose among the most suitable sensors in the market, or even better: you choose sensors with and for us, and for you task!

If you already have the equipment, this investment will not be wasted. Let us take a look at it to see if we can make it work on the platform.

Sensors must work as a unit and they therefore run under the same set of rules, which we define together or you can define them yourself.


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